When Verità crews are in residential areas..
Most commonly asked questions and answers
  1. Why would Verità workers be in my yard?

    We are here completing communication infrastructure work on behalf of our customer.

  2. It appears workers have dug up parts of my yard. Who gives permission for this work to commence?

    The area we are working in your backyard is deemed a public utility easement. Our customers, being a public utility, are granted access under this easement.

  3. Since my yard is not in it's usual condition, when and how can I expect it to be repaired back to normal?

    When we are completed with our construction work, we will follow right behind to restore your yard back to its original condition. If restoration has not been there, please call 734-862-4790. 

  4. For approximately how long will you be in my neighborhood working on this construction project?

    This will be dependent of the size of project we are working. Some projects we will be in and out within a few days, while others maybe a few weeks.