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Wireless Construction

Tower Construction

Turn-Key tower services with experienced crews build the infrastructure for reliable cellular access throughout the Great Lake and Midwestern states, providing customers a full suite of services from design to final tower integration.

Nomad Tower executes a full range of microwave and cellular services. VERITÀ’s single-source solution becomes a differentiating advantage to our clients by providing:


Technical Services

Experienced professionals chart the course to ensure all technical related plans, programs and concerns are addressed as a part of VERITÀ’s quality control program. The VERITÀ Way® ensures full circle testing, commissioning and integration. These services include:


Management Services

Forming a relationship with each client includes the VERITÀ team as an integrated part of the project. From work start to total connectivity, the VERITÀ project management team ensures strategies that support connectivity and desired outcomes. 

Each project is approached from the unique environment and the community it serves. Together we bridge the digital divide. Our Management Services include:

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