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Wireline Construction


VERITÀ® is a full-service provider of telecommunications construction and engineering to fiber providers, cable companies and utilities. Knowing each area has its own demands, we work closely with planning and governing agencies to ensure we are delivering the right application for your communities’ needs. VERITÀ’s construction services provide communities fast and reliable internet and data services, while strictly following all construction laws/permits and regulations associated. This is done with the essential involvement of community input and municipal direction.

Fiber Installation

VERITÀ is committed to continuous quality and advancement of the services provided that take the communication industry forward.

Above and beyond. We’re digging it.

Specifically designed to stand up to the elements, VERITÀ’s Aerial and Underground OSP fiber optic cable service gives the ability to overcome implementation obstacles. Our use of both ODAS/Small Cell Systems and IDAS/Venue Systems Installations allows Verità to approach any project with the tools to bring these services to life.

Reaching New Ground

Within the scope of VERITÀ’s service offerings resides the theme of diligence and meticulous appraisal regarding process and current standards. We do so through:

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