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VERITÀ® Telecommunications Announces Participation in Missouri’s Department of Economic Development’s

Youth Opportunities Program

VERITÀ® Telecommunications, a leading telecommunications company, is proud to announce its participation in the Department of Economic Development’s (DED) Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) in Missouri. The YOP initiative is focused on providing opportunities for positive development in the lives of the youth in the community of Missouri. The program gives access to private sector funds to nonprofit organizations by providing partial state tax to businesses and individuals that support the development of youth. 

“Supporting this program and training our future of telecommunications is at the core of THE VERITÀ WAY®.  We believe training people for an in-demand career provides many benefits including economic development, community integration and progressive innovation”, Michael Falsetti, President of VERITÀ, said of their involvement with the program.

VERITÀ announced the investment in a training center in 2022, with the purchase of 20 acres, in Northville, Michigan with a plan to train talent for technology-driven careers. The company is in the planning stages of building a state-of-the-art training facility to support the rapid growth and demand in the telecommunications industry.

“We are expecting to grow to 2500 employees over the next four years. These positions will span aerial construction, all phases of underground construction, fiber optic splicing and testing, tower climbing and construction, small cell 5G and 6G construction and much more. On this campus, we will also be launching software services for AI and VR applications in the future.”, Falsetti continued.

VERITÀ Telecommunication’s involvement with Missouri’s DED Youth Opportunities program aims to continue to contribute to the betterment of communities and help secure brighter futures for the young generation.

YOP awards a total of up to $6 million annually, with projects limited to $200,000 in tax credits. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, education institutions, faith-based organizations, local governments, and businesses that meet program requirements. The YOP program is administered by the Division of Business and Community Solutions.

About VERITÀ Telecommunications Corporation

Plymouth, Michigan-based VERITÀ Corporation is a turnkey telecommunications contractor offering a one-stop shop for design and construction of telecommunications networks. VERITÀ provides tomorrow’s communications infrastructure today. Learn more about The VERITÀ Way™ in thought, action, and operation at www.verità

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