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VERITÀ® Telecommunications Expands Leadership Team and Strengthens Core Services

Plymouth, MI Wednesday April 5, 2023 – VERITÀ Telecommunications is thrilled to welcome two new VP’s: Ken Sundwall as the Vice President of Wireless Operations and Jason E. Palmer as the Vice President of Design and Engineering. The new appointments come at the heels of VERITÀ’s recent acquisition announcements of Nomad Tower Services and Taylor Telecommunications. Hiring the right talent for technology driven careers is a critical component in addressing the many challenges the digital divide presents.  

“We are very excited with Ken and Jason joining the VERITÀ family. With Ken’s experience scaling crews, we will continue to expand our wireless teams and services to meet customer demand. We will provide “white glove” services for both wireline and wireless services in 5G small cell deployments both in the right of way (ROW) and in venue-based installations. Additionally, Jason’s skill set in engineering will enable us to meet the growing industry demand. With these enhanced engineering services, we will offer turnkey engineering and construction services. This combination allows us to offer a “triple-play” of services—engineering, construction and material acquisition. With our continued growth in services, VERITÀ is positioned to be the predominant full-service telecommunications firm,” said Michael Falsetti, VERITÀ President & CEO. 

Throughout the past several months, VERITÀ has strategically planned growth to address the major connectivity challenges in the United States Telecom Industry. To respond to the digital divide that has become increasingly prevalent in these rural areas, a focus on expanding access to the internet as well as reliable connectivity has become a priority. “We have invested in putting the right team in place to ensure we are providing our customers with the best possible solutions for 5G technology and fiber optic networks from 1GB scaling to 100GB solutions”. VERITÀ’s commitment to our teamwork and family culture has proven to be one of our strengths enabling us to deliver high quality product ahead of schedule. VERITÀ’s growth currently extends across the Great Lakes States with rapid expansion across the U.S. In addition to investment in key leadership, the telecommunications company has added 225 positions in the past 6 months with an additional 165 expected.

Ken Sundwall, Vice President of Wireless Operations

With over 10 years of telecom experience in emerging markets, training, decom, and expansion programs across the United States, Ken has a wealth of knowledge to bring to the VERITÀ Wireless Group. He has worked with multiple carriers and large-scale programs throughout the country.

Jason E. Palmer Vice President of Design and Engineering

Jason brings a wealth of experience in both the wireless and wireline telecommunications industries, having spent 24 years in the field. Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of North Dakota and is a professionally licensed engineer in 27 states with a strong specialty in civil design. Most recently, he served as President of Utility Services at Fullerton Engineering, where he developed a brand-new wireline engineering team in 2016. Throughout his career, he has played a key role in several major fiber and wireless builds.

About VERITÀ Telecommunications Corporation

Plymouth, Michigan-based VERITÀ® Corporation is a turnkey telecommunications contractor offering a one-stop shop for design and construction of telecommunications networks. VERITÀ provides tomorrow’s communications infrastructure today. Learn more about The VERITÀ Way® in thought, action, and operation at www.verità

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