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VERITÀ® Telecommunications Celebrates a Decade of Connecting Communities, Businesses and People.

[Plymouth, Nov. 28] — VERITÀ® Telecommunications is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of building communications infrastructure across the United States.  A family-owned business, VERITÀ has operated under the guidance of THE VERITÀ WAY®, an award-winning business philosophy that values its team as the key element in the future growth and success of the company.

VERITÀ President, Michael A. Falsetti states “We take pride in our people. Our team is treated as part of the VERITÀ family. We are now seeing multiple generations employed at VERITÀ, I really believe this is a testament to our company culture and our team’s vested interest in the company’s overall success.”

Over the past 10 years, VERITÀ Telecommunications has been at the forefront of innovation. The telecommunication company’s forward-thinking has meant strategically planned growth and delivering solutions that align with future needs and technology advancement. “At VERITÀ, we are committed to bridging the digital divide and building increased capacity that supports future needs,” said Falsetti.

Recognizing the emerging technologies and the need for a skilled workforce, VERITÀ is investing in a new 20-acre training center with a plan to train talent for the careers needed to continue to drive communications, telecom, and the Internet of Things (IoT) forward. 

As VERITÀ enters its 10th anniversary, the company continues to look forward and remain dedicated to future-focused planning and bridging the digital divide. “At VERITÀ, we do not view this as a trend to leverage, but rather a commitment to focus on expanding access to the internet and ensuring reliable connectivity,” said Falsetti.   

VERITÀ has strategically planned its growth to address the major connectivity challenges in the United States Telecom Industry. As with any industry that experiences rapid growth and advancements, there are unique challenges that ultimately become opportunities to evolve. Case in point, the increase in network demands has resulted in investments in network infrastructure, fiber optic networks, and equipment upgrades. The successful execution of these projects is a great example of the full scope of VERITÀ’s capabilities to deliver complex and large-scale infrastructure that considers future needs and advancement.

When asked what the next decade may bring for VERITÀ, company Founder and President, Michael Falsetti states: “We want to continue to build on our philosophy of THE VERITÀ WAY. We are projecting exceptional growth in the next 3-5 years. By 2027, we aim to propel our company’s revenue from $150 million to an impressive $750 million, accompanied by a workforce expansion to approximately 2,500 talented professionals. To accomplish this, we have strategically chosen to focus on geographic regions that are most in need of turnkey solutions.”

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