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Building The VERITÀ Way®

On Tuesday, January 25th, members from The VERITÀ® Senior Design Management team braced the frigid temperatures and left their work-from-home stations to spend the day working in the Plymouth, MI office. Typically a 100% remote team, these employees were excited to see their coworkers in person again and work in a traditional office setting. It also gave them an opportunity to meet with CEO Michael Falsetti to discuss the direction and needs of their department. While remote work has many pros, our employees value the opportunity to meet in a physical setting to stimulate authentic team-building, encourage communication, and increase collaboration.  

The senior managers from our corporate team spent the afternoon strengthening the relationship with an existing client. A forecast of the client’s needs over the next two years was projected and followed by a conversation on the methodology VERITÀ will take to deliver exceptional outcomes and superior customer care. Estimations were made regarding the availability of resources to meet the client’s goals.  

Throughout the day, the Senior Design Management team was asked to reflect on The VERITÀ Way®, a compass that guides VERITÀ’s projects ensuring safety, quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. It was developed to outline the key values that define what it means to work for and with the company.  

When asked how The VERITÀ Way® makes for a better workplace, Christian Martain, Design & Engineering Team Supervisor stated, “The VERITÀ Way® means that we are both family-oriented and forward-thinking. As a team, we hold each other accountable which fuels our growth as people, employees, and ultimately, the company. The VERITÀ Way® establishes trust. We rely on each other to contribute our best work and ideas, and this is what pushes the industry forward.”

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