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Up and coming VERITÀ® Telecommunications Corporation is charting its way to the future of infrastructure. 

 It’s been a fast few years for VERITÀ® Telecommunications Corporation. The Plymouth, Michigan-based telecommunications company, incorporated in 2013, specializes in design and construction of outside plant networks. Their growth since opening is substantial, as they forge forward to meet the growing needs in Michigan according to President and CEO Michael Falsetti – and 2021 proved to be another benchmark year. 

Despite the labor shortage, which has been especially crippling for the construction industry, VERITÀ has been ramping up its staffing levels. Targeted growth for 2022 is a direct result of outreach to the Great Lakes Region and will top 400 employees and up to 130 subcontractors. With 50% growth in 2021, the company has proven their ability to hire qualified staff that are onboarded to operate and serve clients in The VERITÀ Way® – a principle-based approach to employee safety, empowerment, communication, and excellent client outcomes. This philosophy and Standard Operating Process has positioned the team to win major projects. 

In addition to this growth, VERITÀ is keeping busy expanding its footprint through organic and targeted acquisitions underway commencing in the first quarter of 2022. Looking to the future, Falsetti says opportunities in infrastructure development abound in and outside of the Great Lakes Region as the move to one gigabyte, 5G networks and new Industry 4.0 technologies push telecommunications forward with fiber to home, towers, and enterprises. 

“Every successful company has a bookmark event that signifies a turning point. For VERITÀ, it was in 2015 when we entered a contract with Crown Castle for aerial and underground cable installation in Akron, Ohio,” Falsetti said. “That led us to new contracts with other leading players in the telecommunications industry. Now, with connecting fiber to towers, enterprises, and another 48 million homes, this is turning out to be another incredible year.” 

These technological advancements fuel the development, deployment, and use of artificial intelligence, IoT, and other network-driven initiatives that lead to ubiquitous networking and ultimately makes the world more efficient. 

“We are already working across the states and are ready to take on new projects almost anywhere in the U.S. Telecommunications is exploding and we are positioning VERITÀ to help lead the way,” Falsetti said. “We have the talent and drive to take our client’s projects forward and see no roadblocks in crossing rivers and highways where needed.” 

 About VERITÀ Telecommunications Corporation 

Plymouth, Michigan-based VERITÀ Corporation is a turnkey telecommunications contractor offering a one-stop-shop for the design and construction of telecommunications networks. VERITÀ provides tomorrow’s communications infrastructure today. Learn more about The VERITÀ Way® in thought, action, and operation at 

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